Roadrunner facts for kids a variety of ground cuckoos.


The Roadrunners are a variety of ground cuckoos. The two types of roadrunners are the more noteworthy roadrunner and the lesser roadrunner. The more noteworthy roadrunner. Geococcyx Californians lives in Mexico and the southwestern U.S.A. The lesser roadrunner, (Geococcyx Velox) lives in Mexico and Central America.


The roadrunner is an enormous, slim, dark earthy colored and white streaked ground flying animals. Which has a normal load of 8 to 15 ounces and is around 18 inches (46 cm) to 22 inches (56 cm) from tail to nose. It has long legs, solid feet, and a major dull nose. The roadrunner is earthbound (lives ashore). Even though it can fly, it invests the majority of its energy in the ground.

At the point when they fly their wings are short and adjusted and have a white sickle on the quills. Roadrunners and different individuals from the cuckoo family.  Roadrunner have zygodactyls feet two toes on the front and two toes on the back. Roadrunners can approach the speed of 20 miles for every hour (32 km for each hour). They fly to get away from hunters.


Roadrunners live in deserts of the southwestern U.S.A, Mexico, and Central America.


Roadrunners are omnivores, which means they eat both meat and plants. They eat bugs like grasshoppers, crickets, scarabs, and caterpillars. Little reptiles like reptiles and snakes, rodents, and other little vertebrates. They additionally eat tarantulas and different creepy crawlies, scorpions, centipedes, snails, little birds, and eggs. The plants they eat are leafy foods like thorny pear prickly plant and sumac. Roadrunners search on the ground to discover food.

They, for the most part, pursue their prey. Yet also now and again may jump to get creepy crawlies. As a result of its quick speed. The roadrunner is one of only a handful few creatures that go after the rattler. The roadrunner is the main genuine hunter of the tarantula sell.

Roadrunner Nest and eggs 

The nest of a roadrunner is comprised of fundamentally sticks and now and again leaves, and snakeskin. A nest for the most part contains 2-6 eggs which are white shaded. Roadrunners have bi-parental consideration. The two guardians deal with the nest and feed the hatchlings. However, guys deal with the home around evening time and females at day. For the initial 1 to about fourteen days after the youthful bring forth. One parent consistently stays at the nest. After the hatchlings are 2 to 3 weeks old. They leave and stay away forever to the nest.

Where they live

The roadrunner is found in deserts of southwestern Mexico, and northern Central America.


Even though the lesser roadrunner can fly. It invests the majority of its energy in the ground. Now and then it flies to get away from hunters. It can approach 20 miles for each hour (32 km for every hour). The lesser roadrunner makes its nest out of sticks and leaves, and at times snakeskin.

It lays around 2-6 eggs all at once. The two guardians, the mother, and the dad, deal with the nest and feed the hatchlings. Yet the guys monitor the home at evening time and the females watch the home during our day. When the youthful bring forth they remain with their birds for around 1 to about fourteen days. At that point, they leave without help from anyone else and stay away forever to the nest.

Roadrunner Feeding

The lesser roadrunner is an omnivore. Which means it eats both meat and plants. They eat chiefly seeds, fruits, reptiles like reptiles and snakes, creepy crawlies like grasshoppers and scarabs. Rodents and other little vertebrates, scorpions, arachnids, frogs, different birds, and eggs. Since it is exceptionally quick the lesser roadrunner is one of the not many animals. Which eat poisonous snakes?


Some Indian clans, similar to the Hopi. Accepted that the roadrunner shielded individuals from detestable spirits. In Mexico a few people say that the roadrunner brings children. While a few people in Europe state that the white stork does this.

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